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Why choose a complete cloud service?

The premise behind cloud computing is to enable you to store data and run applications from any Internet-accessible device in the world.


More and more businesses are looking at the cloud as an alternative means to both streamlining their business processes and fundamentally reducing the cost of their internal IT infrastructure, so why shouldn’t you? 

Cloud Service Vs Installed Software

Installed Software

Traditionally, businesses would require several new pieces of hardware such as a server for the database to sit on and potentially new client PCs if the original machines weren't up to spec. Also if you wanted to synchronise databases from other locations, security would need to be considered more so than simply having anti-virus software installed.


Additional hardware such as VPN routers would be required at more expense. They are complex to set up and can be expensive to maintain because they would need to ensure that while synchronising your all important data, security was maintained and data wasn't corrupted in the process.


That said it is still widely used today and is offered as a cloud solution, albeit not a true 100% cloud solution.


So if you would prefer to concentrate on your actual business and not have the headache of maintaining your IT structure, then here are a few reasons why the cloud is the way forward:


Cloud Service

Software as a Service

Reduced Software Maintenance

Increased Reliability

Increased Scalability

Reduced Hardware Costs

Environmentally Friendly

Matches Current Computing Trends


Efficient Use of Computer Resources

One Software Version

Data automatically backed up

Automatic software updates

Your business is in the palm of your hand

Cloud versus installed