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See20/20 provides its users with a complete suite of modules that are tailored to their individual practice and everyday needs. Whether you are looking at a basic entry Diary and Patient Management system, or our comprehensive package including Clinical Notes, Dispensing & Ordering, EPOS and Direct Debits, See20/20 has the solution for you.


There are 3 packages available to choose from,


See20/20 Lite                   -          Appointment Diary, Patient Management and Recall


See20/20 Premier            -          Full PMS System tailored for 1 - 2 practices


See20/20 Enterprise        -          Full PMS System tailored for 3 or more practices


To find out more information about each individual module and how See20/20 could help your business, click one of the options below.


Appointment Booking
Appointment Booking & Resource Management

Control your practice or group resources from a single location.

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Appointment Booking & Resource Management

Control your practice or group resources from a single location. Link staff availability with a fully dynamic appointment diary to monitor, forecast and maximise chargeable time spent with patients. Fully integrated with resource and patient recall functions. Appointments can be booked from any location with every possible working pattern reproduced, giving complete flexibility and a genuine driver of profitability.


  • Automatic text reminder (SMS)
  • Suppression of recall media being sent upon confirmed appointment
  • Complete visibility
  • Overflow appointments can be used as a free format booking system
  • Definable appointment types and lengths by individual or room
  • Managed employee records (holidays, sickness etc)
  • Monitor and update a single staff rota from any location in real-time
  • Flexible and easy use
  • Colour coded appointments and diary views
  • Unlimited and definable diary views with unlimited days
  • Call centre and practice combined booking facility
  • View and book appointments at other branches
Patient Management
Patient Management

A comprehensive module at the heart of See 20/20.

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Patient Management


A comprehensive module at the heart of See20/20, holding detailed, accurate information that underpins a strong relationship with your patients. Instantly viewable and easy to update, now you can immediately identify your key patients and maximise practice efficiency.


  • Automatic postcode addressing
  • Event tracking through all patient functions
  • User definable ‘Lifestyle codes’ to be used for marketing and analysis
  • Access patient records from any location
  • Patient examination details including prescription, clinical notes and history
  • Generate any bespoke form i.e. GP referral letters, NHS and private forms
  • Auto NHS Entitlement Calculator
  • Details history of all patient communications and transactions
  • Communications via Post, Email, SMS and third party printing facility
  • Complete patient summary on one screen
  • Move records between branches and prevent duplicate patients
Recall & Marketing

Retain your patients by sending them professional looking media.

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Recall & Marketing


This is probably the most important yet overlooked feature of any PMS system, but without your existing patients continually returning for their eye examinations and dispenses you won't have any patients.


See20/20's powerful recall and marketing module will help you maintain those patients by allocating them to the appropriate recall category, sending them the appropriate number of reminders and create media that looks professional and not like spam mail.


  • Integrated mail fulfilment options for recall and marketing at only 49p
  • Professional looking recall and marketing letters that will wow and entice your patient back into your practice
  • Simple, flexible and easy to use
  • Unlimited recall stages
  • 3 concurrent recall streams for each patient
  • Recalls processed and printed for any branch from anywhere
  • Reset recalls easily
  • Create marketing campaigns based on lifestyle codes and hobbies
  • Generate as a Letter, SMS, Label, Exported Report (phone calls) or mail fulfilment
  • Front and back page in full colour
  • Patient receives their letter within 2 working days (mail fulfilled)
EyeDoc Manager

Attach any file you wish and store securely, with full audit trails.

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EyeDoc Manager


EyeDoc Manager works with Patient management and allows attachments of any file type i.e. JPEG, Tiff, .PDF, HTML, WAV and paper records to be securely uploaded to the web.

Documents can be uploaded and stored either against induvidual patients or centrally for internal use.


  • Secure online file storage
  • Any file format can be stored i.e. JPEG, Tiff, .PDF, HTML, WAV
  • All stored files are fully integrated with all See20/20 modules
  • Additional information can be held against each uploaded file
  • Full Disk Usage statistics
  • Files can be stored against a patient record or generic file for practice reference
  • Full Audit and amendment trail
  • Secure online backup of all uploaded documents
  • Storage Bands up to 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, 60Gb, 100Gb
Clinical Notes

This module allows the user to adapt clinical notes to suit.

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Clinical Notes


We found Clinical notes one of the most challenging modules to develop. From the offset we quickly understood optometrists are very fond of paper based records and like to maintain face to face contact with their patient. With this in mind we designed clinical notes to be adaptable by the individual using it (optometrist, contact lens optician and optical assistant), we ensured it's quick and easy to use and flexible enough to cater for different working methods. See20/20 clinical notes definitely improves an optometrists working life while making the patient feel reassured that their examination is conducted in the correct manner and with the information being accurately recorded.


  • Designed by optometrists for optometrists
  • Examination and administration time reduced
  • View full exam history with copy from previous for faster data entry
  • Upload scanned documents and images
  • Touch Screen compatible
  • Audited examination changes to see who updated it and when
  • Printed summary of the full examination
  • No more illegible record cards
Dispensing & Ordering

A complete solution for all areas of dispensing & ordering.

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Dispensing & Ordering


If you are considering using software for dispensing you have to ensure numerous options are met... “Will I still maintain and manage the customer relationship and expectations? Will the software reduce time consuming paperwork and administration giving me more time to spend with the patient? And will I dispense the preferred frames and lenses of the business ensuring maximum profits?” With See20/20 the answer is an unequivocal “YES!”


The numerous validated supplier catalogues are managed by the suppliers themselves (Hawkstone) removing time consuming product entry and costly mistakes.


  • Fully maintained lens catalogues from all major suppliers
  • Bar-coding for quick entry and stock taking
  • Multiple pair dispensings per patient
  • Automatic stock deduction and seamless integration to EPOS and EDI Ordering
  • External prescriptions can be dispensed and recorded
  • Historical dispenses recorded for all patients
  • Create customised catalogues for quick product searching





Payments Manager (EPOS)

A payments manager that is tailored to suit your requirements.

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Payments Manager (EPOS)


Managing payments and accounts is a fundamental part of your business. See20/20 Payments Manager can be tailored to suit your exacting business requirements whilst conforming to industry standard VAT rulings and pricing strategies.

The software can be used as a stand-alone EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) till and stock system, or when fully integrated with patient records, NHS payments and dispensing it can offer your business instant control of all sales activity and patient management. Whether you manually type product codes and names or use bar-coding it will provide instant product entry and real-time information on all aspects of the daily sales. With a huge array of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and management reporting available it will enable you to truly manage your business pro-actively instead of reactively.


  • Replaces conventional till-unit, providing reception with more desk space
  • Seamless integration from Dispensing
  • Enables non and existing patient over-the-counter (OTC) transactions
  • Sales can be processed from any terminal (including other branches)
  • Pay on account with deposit payment and part payment (layaway)
  • User-defined security levels for all till functions with complete trail of events (including petty cash transactions)
  • Bar-coding for quick entry and stock taking
  • Apply set or bespoke price adjustments where required



Direct Debits Payment

Full control over all aspects of a Direct Debit.

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Direct Debits Payment Manager


Direct Debit Payment Manager enables you to control all aspects of a direct debit. The ability to set up and configure any type of plan for any product or service is done with the minimal of staff intervention. Features such as auto-bank recognition using the patient’s bank account number and sort code, setting payment amounts and dates through to printing of the mandate, or better still using AUDDIS paperless direct debits (this is dependent upon the banking facility supplied by your bank).


See at a glance all DD history and information on monies collected, on hold, cancelled, and failed as well as any relevant information on a patients plan or plans. All future payments are requested and processed on the day of your choosing (Set at initial sign-up) without the need of human intervention.


  • Integration with patient records providing full status and audit information
  • Fully automated and seamless integration of BACS submission
  • Direct Debits available to all eyecare plans, contact lens replacement schemes and interest free spectacles sales including PAYW (Pay As You Wear)
  • Real time bank account validation including sort code, account number and address of patient account
  • Predefined and/or flexible payment plans
  • Warnings if supplies exceed predefined limits or valid prescription dates



Business Intelligence Reporting

Achieve visibility and clarity on the status of all your business activities.

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Business Intelligence Reporting

Developed in a collaborative environment with our customers to clarify and understand the business process, our development team have drawn on their experience and understanding to build the models, applications and interfaces that present a Business Intelligent (BI) solution.

See20/20 BI Reporting provides a comprehensive view of your business data and supports operational reporting, managed reporting, planning, budget and forecast reporting as well as ad-hoc reporting. In addition BI tools and dashboards will enable you to make those business critical decisions quickly and confidently with the aid of data displayed in simple yet powerful graphical illustrations.


  • All data can be viewed in real time as graphical illustrations within the BI Tool, management dashboards and/or standard reporting at branch, area or group level
  • Manage your business in a pro-active, not re-active manner with the aid of benchmarking and BI Tools using visual aids such as real-time dashboards
  • Identify and benchmark your strongest & weakest areas of practice by highlighting and creating bespoke dashboards. Management can react quickly to replicate good results or combat poor performance.
  • Data analysis on all aspects of recall and reminder appointments generated
  • Data analysis on revenue generation from specific communications and marketing campaignsampaigns