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Frequently Asked Questions

There may be many questions you will have when looking into purchasing a new practice management system, but here are a few that should help you decide:


What if the internet fails?
The internet is far less likely to fail than a traditional internal network. If the service does go down, it will be fixed by the telecoms providers as a matter of priority. This is very rare, with a similar frequency to telephone system failure.


Are support costs lower with See20/20?
Yes. Maintaining and supporting a single system is easier, quicker and more cost effective and this is reflected in the rental cost of See20/20.


Will See20/20 pay for itself?
Any system with the capability to centralise business functions and provide accurate, timely information has the potential to pay for itself. There's no doubt that See20/20 will streamline your operations, generate savings on staff costs and increase sales by maximising 'chair time' and recall efficiency with See20/20's recall fulfilment.


Will anyone else have access to my patient data?
No. Their details will never be seen by anyone outside or your organisation. Occasionally and only at your request, See20/20 staff will need to gain access to patient data for support queries.


I'm Interested. What happens next?
Get in touch! We'll arrange a meeting with you to discuss your business requirements and present a customised solution that fits the bill. We'll look at your legacy systems and set a schedule for installation and data transfer. Typically it takes no more than a few days to get you up and running, with full training and ongoing management provided as part of our service.


What is the real benefit of having a practice management system like See20/20?
Whether your business operates across single or multiple locations, See20/20 lets you focus on being an optician, not an IT Manager. We take care of the system for you, giving you all the benefits of online practice management at a low cost rental price. And because See20/20 is flexible, it will grow at the same pace as your business.


I've already got a practice management system. Why should I change?
No other system matches See20/20 for ease of use and provision of real-time data. It's the UK's first web-based system designed exclusively for the benefit of ophthalmic practices and comes with hassle-free, round-the-clock support built in. Ask yourself if your current software is delivering all that you want, that you feel as comfortable using it as your staff do and you'll have answered the question already.


Do I need broadband to connect to See20/20?
No. The system performs best over broadband, but is also accessible via a 56K dial-up connection.


Do I need to buy powerful hardware?
No. See20/20 has a minimal hardware requirement that significantly reduces your IT infrastructure. Server power is hosted centrally, so all you need is access to it, via a PC, tablet or phone with an internet connection.


Do I need to install anything in my own practice?
Not with See20/20. This is the fundamental difference between a 'Cloud based solution' and 'Installed Software'. We remove old and complex IT infrastructures that would otherwise cost valuable time and money to maintain.


Do I need to do my own backups?
See20/20 performs automatic backups for every client practice. Local server solutions necessitate a time consuming backup procedure to cover you against the risk of data loss or corruption.


Will my system be accessible 24 hours per day?
Yes. All you need are your password details and access to a computer with an internet connection. Hardware and software upgrades are performed out of office hours, so you'll always have the latest technology at your disposal.


What sort of server does See20/20 run on?
See20/20 runs on SQL server technology that gives us the scalability, flexibility and security that we need to guarantee things run as smoothly as possible. The economies of scale we achieve make it less expensive to maintain and administer than rival solutions and keep costs to a minimum, a benefit we pass directly to our users. SQL server technology carries many benefits over restrictive systems such as Access, which are limited in application to small, single site operations. Furthermore, their databases cannot be restored to point of failure, while SQL offers this feature.


Can patients book appointments directly?
This is just one of the many advantages of a web-based system. We can arrange for your appointment book to be opened securely online should you wish to allow your patients the convenience of direct access.



How secure is See20/20?
We regard the security of your data as sacrosanct. Information is held in a secure hosted environment, protected by SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology that prevents unauthorised access. Our 128 bit encryption is comparable with internet banking security and secure passwords are enforced for all users.


What about the hardware?
See20/20 takes extensive measures to protect the hardware that supports the software. Data has to be protected from:




Illegal Access


Our data centre is fitted with shatter and impact proof windows, similar to those used by Scotland Yard and Government Buildings

Internal access is controlled by key and electronic log card systems with 24 hour monitored burglar alarms and fire detection in all areas

Zone access, requiring individual authorisation for each area, is used throughout the hosting building

Electrical supply systems are backed by dual APC Symmetra UPS's which provide power to the network systems and servers

Atmospheric control is through three separate air conditioning systems giving redundancy against failure of a single system

Firewalls are configured to prevent unauthorised inbound and outbound traffic


What about viruses?
As part of our ongoing technical support, See20/20 is protected from all known internet viruses, with protection regularly updated to ensure any future threat can be dealt with as effectively as possible.



If you have any further questions or just want to talk to a member of our staff about any concerns you may have, then please feel free to call us on the sales number below and we will be happy to help.